Disadvantages of Flaxseed oil

Published: 28th October 2009
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What Are The Disadvantages of Taking Flaxseed Oil
What are the disadvantages of taking flaxseed oil? As you know I highly recommend taking flaxseed oil, along with anything else that has the potential to help you live healthier and lead a more fulfilling life, but are there any disadvantages?

What Are The Disadvantages of Taking Flaxseed Oil

This is a very valid question to ask, for before taking anything, whether it be a medicine or a supplements you should always find out any disadvantages that it may have in relation to other options, after all you don't want to be taking something that may have less health benefits than something similar. The main competitors for flaxseed oil is fish oil, cod liver oil, and apple cider vinegar. These are the four main supplements that people choose, so naturally in this post I will list the pros and cons of each, in order to help you determine what is the best for you and help you make an informed decision.

Flaxseed Oil Benefits
Well if you don't know any of the benefits of flaxseed oil now would be a good time to learn, first off let me start by saying that this is some very healthy stuff. It contains a substance called Omega -3 which is basically the holy grail of health. This "vitamin" has soooooo many healthy benefits, that scientist have not been able to duplicate it. It helps with depression, arthritis, and many other "elderly" diseases, which are basically diseases that usually affect people when they get into their older age. Flaxseed also helps with cardiovascular health, it does this by helping thin the blood, allowing more oxygen to be moved through your body, allowing you to breathe more effectively and lead a more healthier life. Another plus on the flaxseed oil side is that it is naturally grown, usually found in Canada. Thus is does not have many toxins or other harmful chemicals in it, like other supplements have the ability to have.

-Has the same benefits as fish oil and other omega-3 filled foods and supplements, making them amazingly healthy.
-Lack toxins that may be found in other types of supplements.
-Promote a happy and healthy life
-Usually lack any stench or foul smelling odor

-Sometimes can be more expensive than other supplements, but not all the time
-Pay attention to the amount of omega-3 (lignan oil) for each type does not have the same amount, the more the better

Benefits of fish oil
Again the benefits of fish oil are very similar to that of flaxseed oil, for they both are high in omega-3. They both help arthritis, weight loss, and cardiovascular health. They both come in forms of capsules, pills, or soft gels. They are also both very healthy for you. However, fish oil comes in a few different forms, it can be molecularly distilled, pharmaceutical fish oil, and many different types, and this is where the difference between fish oil and flaxseed oil really becomes apparent. Now fish oil, is made from a by-product of fish. This is very important because recently scientist have become concerned with the high levels of mercury found in fish oil. They believe that if you consume to much fish you could end up becoming poisoned by the mercury found in them. Fish are also susceptible to other toxins getting inside them. Therefore to make sure fish oil is good and healthy producers must go through extra steps to ensure the nasty stuff is taken out of it. Since it takes extra work to do all of this, it will also end up costing you extra money, creating a major disadvantage to fish oil in the race for the best supplement.

-Full of the beneficial omega- 3, responsible for helping you lead a long and healthy life
-Has some extra benefits because it also contains omega-9, which fish can only get by living in their natural environment.
-May prevent cancer

-Extra steps to ensure safety cause the cost of fish oil to rise.

For more on the debate over these two supplements visit flaxseed oil vs fish oil for your body

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil
So currently I would say that fish oil and flaxseed oil are the main competitors in the fight for the best supplement, this main point of this article was to tell you what the disadvantages of taking flaxseed oil are. However, I will continue to describe some of the other possible supplements that you may want to look into. Cod liver oil is basically the same thing as fish oil except it comes from the liver of a cod fish. Cod liver oil comes from fish that live in fresh water, and usually have lower levels of mercury. So this would be one of the one pros it has over its very close cousin, regular fish oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is also one of those miracle supplements. It has great properties that make it ideal to help aid in weight loss, ease the pains of arthritis, and apple cider vinegar helps cure gout. One of the benefits that apple cider vinegar has over all the other supplements is that it is usually a lot cheaper, and easier to implement into your diet. Feel free to read more at Flaxseed oil vs fish oil for health

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